The City of Glen Cove Emergency Medical Service Corps works 24/7 to protect it's visitors and citizens.  Established in 1985 as a fully volunteer organization, GC EMS has grown to over 50 active Volunteer members working closely with full time Basic & Advanced Life Support EMT's.


The Crew

Originally established as a fully volunteer organization, Glen Cove Volunteer EMS members are active patient care providers ranging in experience from Apparatus Drivers, Basic Life Support, EMT to EMT-CC status working closely with full time Basic and Advanced Life Support EMT's. GC EMS is managed by the Chief of the Department, has 2 assistant chiefs, 1 captain, and 2 lieutenants.  

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The Apparatus

 Photo Credit: A.Carpenter

Photo Credit: A.Carpenter

The City of Glen Cove responds to emergencies with it's core fleet of Advanced & Basic Life Support Ambulances & various First Responder Emergency Vehicles.  Volunteers display a flashing GREEN light to notify driver's that they are responding to a Life Emergency.

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The Association

The City of Glen Cove Volunteer Emergency Medical Services Association is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to raising support resources, such as training, recruiting, and retention programs. It is through the community's donations that helps support the daily business of life protection in the City of Glen Cove.  We truly appreciate your support.

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