Charles Valicenti


Chief Charlie Valicenti has been an active member and EMT since 2008.  Chief Valicenti was Lieutenant from 6/2011 to 1/2012, Captain in 2012 & 2013, and served as First Assistant Chief in 2014 & 2015.

Chief Valicenti received his Paramedic training at Saint Johns University ESI in 2009, became NYC REMAC Certified, and Nassau REMAC Certified in 2009.  Chief Valicenti has training as HazMat Tech II, Rescue Technician and is PHTLS Certified.

Chief Valicenti has a passion for the Emergency Medical Services, volunteering for several communities and gaining experience from the numerous alarms to which he responds.



First Assistant Chief - Car 2

1st Assistant Chief Thomas Ustler has been an active member since 2002. Chief Ustler was elected Treasurer, then Lieutenant, Captain, and was elected as 1st Assistant Chief in 2016.

Chief Ustler started his life in EMS in 1985, as an EMT and is currently a NYS Certified Paramedic.  He has worked for the NYC 911 system, North Shore EMS and has volunteered with Brentwood, Laurens and Copiague EMS.

Chief Ustler is involved in the Glen Cove Volunteer EMS Explorer Post 1072 and has had the pleasure of watching some of the current officers start their careers in the EMS Explorer Post, and now have grown into today's leaders.

Andrew Carpenter


2nd Assistant Chief Andrew Carpenter has been an active member of Glen Cove EMS since 2008 and a member of Glen Cove EMS Explorer Post 1072 from 2004-2008.  Chief Carpenter was elected Lieutenant in 2012 & 2013, and Captain in 2014 & 2015.  

Chief Carpenter became a New York State Certified First Responder in 2008, a New York State Emergency Medical Technician in 2009, and has been a New York State Emergency Medical Technician Critical Care since the Spring of 2011.  Chief Carpenter is also a Volunteer Firefighter with the City of Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department.